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Ssangyong towing capacities explained

Whether you are planning to pull a horsebox, trailer or caravan you need to know that your SsangYong can take the weight. Whilst many of us see the term “2 tonne towing limit” and think: “that’s brilliant, my horsebox is 2 tonnes. I’ll be fine” it may not be so clear cut as you’d think.

It is a general rule of thumb to drive with up to 85% of the potential towing limits as many of us would not consider the weight of items in the back. For example, the SsangYong Korando is capable of towing 2 tonnes (2,000 kilograms) but if you pulled a 2-tonne caravan, you would likely to be breaking the law. Did you forgot about all those pots, pans, clothing and sundries that add to the weight?

When driving the SsangYong Korando, remind yourself that it’s important to carry only a 1,700kg load and you’ll generally be fine. If you’re driving a Rexton than the “towing limit” is 3,000kg but following the 85% rule and you’ll find that pulling a 2,550 caravan or trailer would best suit.

What about Horse Boxes? Will the 85% cover the horses?

Not necessarily. When carrying horses, you need to get busy with a little mathematics. You need to calculate the weight of the horsebox (without horses inside) and add it to the combined weight of the horses (plus any sundries you are placing in it such as saddles, equipment). Only then will you be sure that your new SsangYong can carry the weight you require.

Charters SsangYong want to highlight an extremely useful site that allows you to calculate whether your SsangYong, trailer and horses will be within weight limits.


View the Towing Horses Calculator here


Whilst SsangYong is not listed on the site (shame on them), you can still manually enter the “capable towing limit” plus the weight of the horses and sundries and determine whether you are within legal limits.

After all of this investigation, you’ll find that our range of SsangYong’s are the ideal choice for pulling power. They have proved time and time again that not only can they take the weight but drive incredibly comfortably. That’s why the SsangYong Korando won TowCar of the Year in 2014.


To discuss your towing requirements or to test any one of our new cars or commercials on sale, contact Charters SsangYong today. We’re here to help and open seven days a week for your convenience.

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